Making a dream come true!

I have always wanted to own a fabric shop. My grandmother ran the fabric dept. in a large store for 45 years before she retired and my mother ran a fabric store during my high school years that I got to work in on weekends. When my mother was ready to retire she offered to sell me the fabric store but my then husband felt it was to risky to invest money in so once again my dreams were on hold. I spent the next 20 years helping him with his business hoping it would be my turn at some point. Unfortunately once his business was financially successful he decided he wanted a divorce. It took me awhile to get my feet back on solid ground. I finally realized that the alimony payments he kept me in court over were just not worth the hassle. I offered to terminate the lifetime alimony in exchange for a settlement that would allow me to finally open a fabric store. The settlement wasn't large enough for a brick and mortar store but enough to try out an online store. Since all the fabric I had been hoarding over the years was purchased just for dressing my dolls, I decided to specialize in just that. I opened my store on Ebay in 2013 and it was an instant success! I specialize in imported cottons,wools and silks, small scale prints, imported laces and trims and vintage fabrics that are popular with the doll seamstresses. I offer small cuts of the fabrics so that my customers can afford to dress their dolls in high end fabrics. I keep stock trims, laces, buttons, buckles and other notions in appropriate scale for dressing dolls in any size from miniature on up. It has come time to move out of my comfort zone and expand to other markets. I look forward to doing business with new customers!

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